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Our Story

Basedrop was formed based on the idea that meeting new people face to face is exciting and rewarding.  Basedrop allows you to share digital content with the people around you but done in a totally private way so that people not there, not in you scene, won't see it, period. 

Basedrop is a look in real life first, share digital later app, the opposite of all other apps.  The idea is that you see someone interesting in real life that you find interesting, then start a digital conversation at that moment, that may lead to a face to face conversation a moment later. Most social media apps work by connecting disparate remote people that most likely will never meet IRL. It is a world where the select few voices win and where AI algorithms feed us agreeable content like TV. Basedrop works to connect you with the real people within your existing community - that amazing person standing right next to you, right now.  Look around, check your phone discreetly , then say hi.


Most apps are built levering the cloud and saving your data on remote servers. What if you didn't need the internet at all?  Basedrop unlocks a new type of social media and chat experience where all you need is your phone and the basedrop app. No camera or internet connection is required to start sharing your videos, music, photos, and status with people in your immediate vicinity. 


Be public with the people you share your life with and private with everyone else. Who's that in next to me in class, the park, the club, or the cafe? Explore and engage.  Basedrop allows you to have a private digital conversation with those people without the need for encryption - it uses technology similar to airdop.

Express Yourself

Your online presence is central to your identity but when you meet someone in real life they only get to see the physical - the clothes you wear, your hairstyle and makeup and your body language. These are important but are limiting. Basedrop adds an entirely new dimension to personal expression - it adds context aware digital augmentation to your physical presence via video, music, photos, and text; with basedrop there are so many ways to answer the question, "who's that?".

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