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Who's that?

The app that allows you to see someone IRL and immediately find out who they are; all with inherent privacy of local only transmission. 


Basedrop doesn't need your camera or an internet connection to work - no base stations! It is an like an airdrop social network.

Sunset Surf
Private . Local . Social . Digital 
I mean Totally Local and Totally Private

Basedrop is all about connecting you with the community of people you see everyday, all while maintaining your privacy.  It is a digital introduction to that can lead to an immediately face to face conversation.


Who's that sitting over there? What's my barista favorite drink? Is that dog free to play? 

Do this in a totally local way without your data going to remote servers! Share digital experiences with the people that you actually see throughout your day (but not anyone else). Locally public but remotely private.


Basedrop only shares your info with others within bluetooth range but at wifi speeds.


Share as little or as much as you want: videos, music, photos, or your contact info
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