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Our Story

Basedrop was formed based on the idea that meeting new people face to face is exciting and rewarding.  Basedrop helps you bring your digital life to that experience.​

While traveling in Rwanda, we noticed that cell phones were everywhere but smart phones had yet to take off in big way.  One of the big problems is getting a cheap reliable data network. Several companies are taking sledgehammer approach to the problem, like deploying a worldwide network of satellites. 


What if you didn't need a network at all?  Basedrop unlocks the social media experience to everyone.  Just bring your smart phone and start sharing your profile, music, photos and videos with people around you without costly cell service or wifi infrastructure.

Basedrop is created, owned and operated by the community itself. It is like a social media co-op.  Basedrop does not store your music, pictures or videos on any centralized server. You do! On your phone.

Digitize your Identity

Your online presence is central to your identity but when someone sees you in real life they only get to see your physical self - the clothes you wear, your hairstyle, and your facial express. Basedrop adds an entirely new dimension to expressing yourself in real life.

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